xeneb allen
+61 425 800 729

A talented and passionate session stylist Xeneb is known for her creative style which extends the boundaries of fashion. A career spanning 20 years across fashion, runway and editorial has seen her gain international recognition in prominent publications.

During Hair Mastered Xeneb was mentored by the world renowned Sam McKnight. She was a global ambassador for Mastered, an industry program that connects talent to opportunity.

Xeneb has been a creative member of the Kevin Murphy Session Team for Melbourne Fashion Week for a number of years. She has recently directed both hair and makeup teams for MFW offsite shows as well as RMIT Masters graduate collections and independent labels/designers.

She works closely with top fashion image makers on editorials, campaigns, lookbooks, and fashion films. The list of well-known photographers includes Jesse Lizotte, Paul Westlake, Luis Murphy, Tre and Elmaz, Phebe Schmick, Hunter Ryan, Gadir Rajjab, Ribal Hosn, Karla Majnaric, Christopher Polack, Andrew Gough, Clint Peloso, Madeleine Burke, Thanh Nguyen, Ray Ranoa, Jess Brohier, Toby Hudson, Ed Purnomo, Olivia Tran, Monty Coles, Steph Cammarano, Sheree Porter, Jordan Drysdale, Kate Logan, Andrew Babaraczy, Drew Wheeler, Sam Wong, Amelia Dowd, Michelle Huynh, Jared Beck, Emmet Green, Vlad Savin, Liam Jones, Josh Erikson, Agneiska Chabros, Cameron Grayson, David Reiss, Tintin Hedberg, Oden Venderwilde, Seung Rok and Bronwyn Kidd.

Leading magazines which have published Xeneb’s work include: Vogue Italia, Oyster, I-D magazine, Nasty Magazine, Made, King Kong magazine, Laud, Bast Magazine, Fashion Journal Magazine, Ascension Magazine, Cole Magazine, Karen Mag, Sicky Mag, Stories Collective, Jute, 4 Wonderland, Knots Magazine, Glassbook, Kaltblut, NR Magazine, Frankie & Clo, FYI Journal, Acclaim, Schon, One Magazine, The ones 2 watch, Imute Magazine, Vulkan, Pressure Paris, Connor Mag, Cake, Go See, Solstice, Gritty Pretty, Synzine, Jane by the Grey Attic, Fuuuking Young, Lucy's Magazine, Urban Walkabout, Glamcult and Mod Magazine.

She collaborates with art directors and stylists including Stuart Walford, Virginia Dowzer, Nathalie Agussol, Jana Bartolo, Ella Murphy, Cat Morison, Megha Kapoor, Jam Baylon, Kristie Klein, Lauren Innocentis, Candice Lewin, Carlos Magubat, Jamie Marie Shipton, Gustavo Pallacios, Brittni Morrison, Abby Bennett, Thalea MV, Joseph Leone, Sinead Hargreaves, Annika Hanne, Em Stanley, Sarah Starkey, and Lenita Visan.

She has worked with celebrities: Winnie Harlow, Lady Leshurr, and Magnolia Maymuru amongst many others.

Originally trained with Toni and Guy in Dublin and now based in Melbourne and operating internationally, Xeneb is an accomplished hairstylist, makeup artist and colourist.